Military Veterans Resource Center

Welcome to the MVRC NeighborRelief fundraising website!

For 20 years, when Ohio veterans have been hurting, Military Veterans Resource Center has been there to provide help that veterans can’t get elsewhere. Our mission: help veterans develop self-reliance and independence and again feel the dignity and self-respect they felt when they wore our nation’s uniform. 

Each year, we serve over 3,000 Ohio veterans from our centers in Columbus, Chillicothe, Dayton and Hamilton. And not just the veterans – their families, too. Over 135,000 Ohio veterans live in poverty. Their families include over 350,000 people – including more than 35,000 children. These are men and women who served their nation faithfully, but now cannot provide for their families. They have been forgotten and left behind – which is why we are on the job.

At MVRC, we are veterans ourselves. We know the importance of being battle buddies to colleagues who are struggling. We will not leave anyone behind. Not on our watch. Even during the challenges of COVID, we have never stopped serving – not for a day. It’s not in our blood. Every day, we are on the frontlines of service – helping veterans find good jobs, providing food for their families, ensuring that they have safe shelter and reliable transportation.

But we need your help, too. When you help support a veteran, it is about more than money. You are sending a message to these men and women that they have not been forgotten and that the sacrifices they have made in service to America have not been made in vain.



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