Directions for Youth & Families

Directions for Youth & Families (DFYF) is a resiliency-oriented and  trauma informed agency whose mission is to build and inspire hope, healing, and resilience for youth, families and communities through counseling and education.

Our counseling and clinical services provide individual, family and/or group counseling dealing with a variety of issues including family conflict, substance use, exposure to  violence, anger issues, victims of sexual/physical abuse and grief/loss.

Our after school/summer programs operate in disadvantaged neighborhoods and offer a safe positive and enriching environment during key hours when youth are most at risk for self-defeating and delinquent behavior. A vast majority of clients are from disadvantaged neighborhoods characterized by unhealthy behavior and criminal activity. Many of the youth we serve are minority and reside in single family homes below the federal poverty level.

We offer 95% of our services at no cost ensuring those we serve receive the services they need.



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