Central Community House

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Central Community House (CCH) is a comprehensive, neighborhood-based community center that has been serving the Near East and South Side neighborhoods of Columbus, Ohio in the Settlement House tradition since 1936. Rather than specifically address one problem or social condition, CCH combats generational poverty holistically. Healthy children can only exist within strong families; families can only succeed when surrounded by safe, supportive neighborhoods. We have a long history of success offering programs such as afterschool/summer programs, Transit Arts/teen development, senior programs, community organizing, family stabilization/basic needs assistance and workforce/entrepreneur development. More than 5,000 individuals access critical services at CCH each year, which often can reduce/eliminate the need for individuals to rely on costlier public assistance or government programs, and can prevent greater issues such as homelessness, crime, unemployment, health crises, and disrupted families. CCH’s focused work and culturally relevant mentorship lifts community members, especially youth, to succeed beyond expectations.

Family stabilization services have been a cornerstone of CCH since inception, designed to help local families experiencing crises that threatens economic self-sufficiency. Families are quickly linked to critical supports, and an action plan is developed to prevent similar challenges in the future and/or increase stability over the long term.



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