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We have a 6-month Moral Therapy Initiative that helps teens and young adults develop strong moral reasoning and decision-making skills. The Initiative is designed to alter how clients think and make judgments about what is right and wrong.  We strive to provide socialization opportunities, so our clients change their behavior and improve life skills. The Moral Therapy Initiative has eight major components:

•    Interpersonal Skills: Participants learn the importance of relating appropriately and effectively with others, including family members and members of the black urban community.
•    Mental Health Skills: Our young adults will learn the importance of sound mental health through avoidance of substance abuse/dependence and self-destructive behaviors.
•    Academic Skills: We provide a safe facility that can assist students with schoolwork, general education development preparations and job leads.
•    Cognitive Skills: Our young adults will also learn the importance of engaging in accurate self-appraisal; by correcting irrational thinking patterns/behaviors, using problem solving skills strategies to avoid confrontational situations.
•    Character Skills: Through mentoring participants learn moral decision-making skills and the importance of character. We also encourage social awareness through community service projects.
•    Wellness Skills: We emphasize the importance of balance and personal maintenance. Participants learn skills to help keep a healthy lifestyle.  
•    Vocational/Career Skills: Clients learn how to effectively search for a job. We also teach the skills required to keep a job. We improve client perspectives on education. 
•    Leisure Time Skills: Learning the importance engaging in meaningful recreational activities and hobbies, positive and effective use of free time, and facilitating stress management.

Please join us by searching for a neighbor, reading their stories and considering a tax-deductible donation towards their basic needs such as a phone bill, utilities, food or rent. All donations to basic needs go directly to the service provider, such as their landlord or utility provider, in a secure and direct manner. All neighbors have been qualified by our social workers and given anonymous profiles to protect their identity.

In addition to supporting specific needs, you can also make a donation to our organization. Doing so ensures that our team is equipped to help individuals and their families overcome their current situation and grow towards financial independence.



Halt Violence


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