After-School All-Stars Ohio

Welcome to the After-School All-Stars Ohio NeighborRelief fundraising website!

Now more than ever, Columbus and Toledo students in under-served communities need comprehensive after-school programs to keep them safe and help them succeed in school and in life. Founded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger over 25 years ago, After-School All­Stars (ASAS) provides free, high-quality after-school programs to low-income, inner-city youth across the country, ASAS serves many children whose lives are affected by a lack of basic human needs. Those needs include food, health, safety, shelter, and access to information. ASAS gives students a safe-haven during the "danger zone" hours of 3pm-6pm­the time of day when youth violence, drug use and other delinquent behaviors are most likely to occur. 

ASAS programs work to close an opportunity gap that exists between low-income youth and their upper income peers. Unfortunately, students of color from low-income backgrounds are rarely afforded the same holistic out-of-school time activities as their peers from more affluent backgrounds. For many families, after-school activities have become a luxury they can't afford. 

ASAS experienced an abrupt halt to our programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 12, 2020. For the 2020-2021 school year, ASAS is safely serving students in-person and with at-home enrichment activities for 3-6 hours daily after-school at Columbus Metropolitan Housing sites and KIPP Columbus in Columbus, Ohio and Grace Church and Lucas Metropolitan Housing sites in Toledo, Ohio. 

Please join us by searching for a neighbor, reading their stories and considering a tax-deductible donation towards their basic needs such as a phone bill, utilities, food or rent. All donations to basic needs go directly to the service provider, such as their landlord or utility provider, in a secure and direct manner. All neighbors have been qualified by our social workers and given anonymous profiles to protect their identity.

In addition to supporting specific needs, you can also make a donation to our organization. Doing so ensures that our team is equipped to help individuals and their families overcome their current situation and grow towards financial independence.



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